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How To Ride Carefully

The first thing that we must know how to ride carefully is how the vehicle condition; about it's fuel, wheels, brakes condition before we are ride it.
The Second is about our phisic, are we so health to ride the vehicle? are we sleepy or under the alcoholic effect?. It's important to us to know it, because if our health is bad it's make our response to the road so weak and will make accident that no one want it.
Thirthly, we must use our safety tools; Helmet for our head, elbow protector and body protector to prevent impact make our self threatened. And the important for us before riding is prepare all letters of vehicle if we don't want have problem with the cop.
I think it's enough, may this litle instruction useful for me, for you and for us. Keep smart and safety riding whenever, whereever.

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