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After The Egoism Go Away

No more egoism can live in this world and take command to the man. Also to myself, i'll fight to make it go away so much away and never back into my mind. After my big problem make my self know to didn't make egoisme as commander, my beautiful life seem lastnight to begun again.
Yeah, my special one ask to me to forgotten her mistake and her egoism. I, also do that. Apologizing about my mistaken and about my egoism that make her self wounded. I promise to her that i'll never make a wrong with an egoism and i will always love him for my life time.
Although in other story, lastnight my snmptn rejected, i don't feel to sorry about it. I feel i have so many way to continued my study without continued in malang, in state university. I feel cheerful cause my special one can gracefully receive my snmptn fail. She is receive my decision about continued study in Tuban, with a regulation that she make for me.
That regulation which i must to be the best in Unirow Tuban, and don't like other Unirow colleger which in her mind can't compete in the world of work. For her, i'll do the best in my study. Keep me fighting in the right way my special one.

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